Lake Saka, one of the 52 crater lakes in Kabarole district, western Uganda


The undulating landscape in a Tea plantation in western Uganda.


Miniature rock formations akin to teeth of a prehistoric creature, on a cave roof in western Uganda


A Waterbuck in Queen Elizabeth National Park


Lake Bunyampaka in Kasese, western Uganda


Peaks of forested foothills of the Rwenzori Mountains enveloped in mist

Atacama Consulting is a leading Environmental Consultancy firm in Uganda, East Africa.


Atacama Consulting is providing consultancy services on a major project that will be key for Uganda’s socio-economic transformation as well as for East Africa in general; The social and resettlement consultancy services for the Tilenga project.

The Tilenga project is meant to pave way for the commercialisation of Uganda’s crude oil reserves. The project is being spearheaded by the oil major Total in collaboration with Tullow Oil.