Quality, Health, Safety & Environmental Policy

Atacama Consulting is a leading Environmental Consultancy firm. We are committed to the International Standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001; and our legal obligations, and have defined our Integrated Policy as follows:-

  • Setting of clearly defined objectives for Quality, Health, Safety & Environment and ensuring that these are communicated to employees and stakeholders;
  • Continual improvement of our Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental performance by providing clear instructions and information as well as adequate training, consultation and participation of employees;
  • Ensure that employees, sub-contractors and other service providers are competent to perform their duties and informed of acceptable performance standards;
  • Maintaining customer satisfaction throughout the service delivery process;
  • Prevention of pollution in line with the waste management hierarchy as well as promotion of resource efficiency;
  • Prevention of injury & ill health, in accordance with the hierarchy of controls such as eliminating hazards and reduction of health and safety risks; and
  • Support and champion initiatives that are in line with key elements of our Policy.

This Policy will be made available to the public and any other interested parties, and reviewed as part of the management review process.

Edgar Mugisha
Managing Partner, Atacama Consulting
13th February, 2019


Our quality, health, safety & environmental policy is available to the public and any other interested parties for download.